Cervical Revolution Course

Lindebergs Osteopathie Physiotherapie Trainings welcomes PRI:

  • Recognize and evaluate contributing muscular impact on torsion and compression of cervicothoracic, craniocervical, and craniomandibular joints.
  • Distinguish when to refer to a dentist for an oral appliance to assist in maintaining cervical neutrality and neurologic stabilization of the cervical spine and cranium through the use of opposition muscle of the Right TMCC.
  • Establish an understanding of sphenoid occipital-basilar (SB) and basilar sphenoid (BS) biomechanical influence on temporal and cervical-thoracic function.
  • Identify the difference between a cranium that is in bilateral extension versus a cranium that is in a right temporal internal rotated position (R TMCC pattern) and design a treatment program using PRI techniques and dentistry if needed.



30 - 31 Jul 2022


Ganzer Tag


Lindebergs Academy
Cuvilliésstraße 14A, 81679 München