Postural Respiration Course

Lindebergs Osteopathie Physiotherapie Training welcomes PRI:

  • Recognize relationships between static asymmetrical respiration, ideal physiologic respiration, and patterned respiration.
  • Identify how to restore restrictive polyarticular chains and torsional patterns of the trunk through specific manual and non-manual orientation of ventilatory muscle, and thoracic osseous structure.
  • Recognize how to maximize thoracic scapular force couples, rib alignment, and abdominal-diaphragm muscle integration for appropriate motor and sensory perceptual skill development of the upper extremities.
  • Outline how to design a postural isolation and inhibition program that promotes integration of appropriate hemi-thoracic airflow to reduce occupational, leisure, and sleep breathing dysfunction patterns.



23 - 24 Jul 2022


Ganzer Tag


Lindebergs Academy
Cuvilliésstraße 14A, 81679 München