Tipps, Tricks, Techniques and Treatment

This is a practically oriented course which is going to focus on numerous osteopathic approaches and techniques in a clinical context. It is organized in different topics and areas, and examples are

  • The pelvic problem: integration of lower extremity and pelvic mechanics 
  • The Ruddy – Techniques
  • The Superior mediastinum as a pressure chamber
  • The pulmonary cylinders
  • The Upper Cervical Challenge
  • Sutherland’s Circle
  • The long- covid patient

Each topic will be supported with a theoretical introduction, assessment principles and techniques for treatment. The aim is to enable the participant with both a theoretical understanding and practical skills for immediate application of the thought material in clinical practice.


12 - 13 Mrz 2022




Lindebergs Academy
Cuvilliésstraße 14A, 81679 München